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Quiet Things, Quiet Places

Childhood memories are perhaps one of man’s sources of comfort. The days where we were worry-free and carefree, it’s a time when only smiles and mirthful laughs fill the air. And those memories inspired author Leona Koehn Nichols to write what was once — to impart an idyllic childhood, inspire, and entertain people.

A book filled with poetry that speaks of love, happiness, innocence of a child, and the unforgettable experiences she had, this inspiring and thought-provoking piece will make us value the beauty of Quiet Things, Quiet Places.

Other Loves All Flee

Leona Koehn Nichols was born into a loving Holdeman Mennonite family and grew up within the Mennonite community, being very much a part of this ultraconservative culture. Having been baptized into the church at age ten, Leona fully expected to spend her life as a faithful member of the Church of God in Christ (Mennonite). She married a minister’s son, and they began a family.

However, as their six children got older and decisions regarding what they would or would not be allowed to do began to immerge, so did the questions. As their dilemma deepens, Leona and her husband were forced to make a choice; who would take first place in their hearts? Jesus, the Savior of their souls, or the church of their fathers?

After months of trying to find a solution to conflicting views, their church fellowship was severed through the ordinance of excommunication. Now they would learn to trust in Jesus alone as the foundation they could build their lives on. Theirs is an honest account of continuing to live even when Other Loves All Flee. Witness the couple’s story as they moved from legalism to grace.